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2019 Lawn Mowing:(BASIC 1/4 ACRE PROPERTY)

Full Season Lawn Service $900 (pre paid only)

checks - cards - cash accepted

Included 30 weekly visits starting from April 15 till November 15

Service includes mowing grass in stripped pattern

string line trimming all edges

blow surfaces clean of grass clippings

we service both commercial and residential

We do not mow when grass is dry to avoid burning or yellowing

we bag grass at spring when there is excess clippings

if it rains on your scheduled mow day we come back next able day

We sharpen mower blades one to two times per week

we use commercial mowers 

we inspect our equipment daily

we use the best equipment (personal judgement) on the market


duplex or small yards $30.00

normal city lots $35.00

corner lots $40.00

medium lots $45.00

all fenced lots add $5.00

1 acre $80.00

1+ acres $70.00 per acre

*prices starting at

*prices subject to change if the property is larger than mentioned

*prices subject to change without notice